Saturday, 15 December 2012

My Opinion On Sandy Hook

Dear Readers;

  I've been kicking around this idea all morning. I'm asking myself should I say this ...or should I just ignore this and post something cute and funny?'s my blog and I promised to be honest.

  I've already had a debate over the latest elementary school massacre in the USA. Everybody has their opinion on what caused it. I agree that it happens far to often and for many reasons that include RX drugs,mind control, government conspiracy etc..ect.....BUT I do not believe that begging the government to take away our right to defend ourselves is a smart thing to do. It's a knee jerk reaction  and I believe that the powers that be, WANT us to have this very normal that they can trim a little more fat off of the American Constitution. They aren't TAKING our rights away...we are handing over our rights and begging them to please protect us from ourselves! Ingenious plan! We are left thinking that we are in control when in fact the government is controlling the people like puppets.

 I'm from Canada and some may think that ...why should I care...USA is not our country...why should I waste my time? USA and Canada are joined at the hip. Canada is the Americans deep freeze.They use us and abuse us to their hearts content.....what ever the Americans tell us to do...we do it. What ever happens in the USA rolls over that pretend line called a Border. We ...Canadiens aren't immune to American culture or lack of....we suffer right along side of you.

  Solutions anyone?

  Lest..anyone mistake me for a tulip hopping pacifist.... I'm not. Neither am I a violent the American Weathermen of the "60's and early '70's. They did what they thought was right to try and bring the Vietnam war  into comfortable American homes. But in the end ...the members appeared just as confused as to why nothing changed. They tried to continue the fight but succumbed to the American apathy and joined the very bourgeoisie culture that they fought to escape.

  I blame the gross corporate beast that is raping and pillaging every country on this planet. It is like a charging rhinoceros.....better to get out of it's way...because if you get in it's way will trample you without giving you a second thought.

  Get out of the city.....grow your own food....grow your own fiber for clothing...make your own your own homes...teach your own children...take care of and be happy.

  My deepest condolences to the children , parents, relatives and community of  Sandy Hook Elementary School. There can be no greater pain than the loss of our children such a violent manner.

Take care of each other.
Hare Krsna.
Kokum Lal


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