Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wind Energy..Purifier...Drier..Destroyer (Video)

Dear Readers;

 A vivid memory as a child is of my foster mother coming in the front door, followed by a gush of frozen winter air, holding a pile of clothes and bedsheets frozen into the funniest of shapes. Back in the early 1960's in our little village in Saskatchewan,Canada we used an outhouse and we did not own a clothes dryer so clothing had to be hung outside to dry all year round.

 Fast forward to today at Govindas Farm. I don't have a clothes dryer and neither do I want one. I prefer the incredibly clean smell of laundry hung to dry in the great outdoors. I love the feel of snuggling in freshly laundered sheets when I go to bed.

 Here are a few ways that we dry our clothing here on the farm in bad weather, we hang them inside and on dry days, then the video says it all:) Oh...for those clothes that need to get de-fuzzed when I put a red towel in the wash with my husbands favorite black Melton jacket...I just put it in my daughters dryer when I visit her in the city.We also only use our Om-made laundry soap.(Is that a plug for shameless self-promotion? I'm afraid it is;) Our Om-made Product website is almost finished! Yay!
Hare Krsna.
Kokum Lal

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