Monday, 26 November 2012

Slow Money (Another video attempt)

Dear Readers;

  Our guru Srila Prabhupada told us that we did not have to for money, neither is it healthy to meditate on how to make money all the time because if you are preaching then money will come to you.

  Here at Govindas Farm we are attempting to practice making "slow money". You see all of my husbands life he has been working so hard to provide for his family. He  built and sold real estate for years. We developed businesses such as  a Bakery,Restaurant,Inn,Building Company,Car was very hard work. So instead of running around some mad things...we thought that making soap is something that every body needs and wants. We keep our prices low ...but quality high...and sell..3 bars for 10 dollars. We go to local Farmers Markets and craft shows. Slowly ..word of mouth is getting us known and people are making their way to the farm to pick the soap up here.

  I remember reading this story about some Monks in France who make wine? or beer...can't remember but what I do remember was that they did no advertising at all! Once a year they opened the doors to sell their high quality product. They were not interested in "branching out" to make more money. People stood in line for hours and hours just hoping that they would be lucky enough to be able to buy the product. When the monks were asked why they didn't sell more often..the head Monk replied that they produce and sell the beer so that they can be Monks....they aren't Monks so that they can make beer. That is the philosophy behind Om-Made Soap....we make soap so we can stay on the farm and look after cows...grow food...and live simple lives. We aren't interested in becoming a "Big Business" and compete with other soap businesses...big business=big problems as well. So we do need some money to pay bills but the goal is not to get caught up with the idea.

Here is a video of the Murray Harbor craft fair that we attended yesterday. I bought some of Inas'  Crab Apple Jam and it was wonderful! I was also lusting over the necklaces....especially one that would have gone beautifully with my natural themed outfit. I looked at it...felt it...watched it ...and thought..."Do I need it?....No...but I want's soooo pretty....and I should look pretty for my husband...right?...that's Vedic!...ahhh...I already have so much "stuff"". I watched as another lady bought it and thought to myself..." will look good on her." I felt good. I walked away feeling virtuous. Simple living is making decisions  every get closer to the goal.

Hare Krsna.
Kokum Lal

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