Friday, 23 November 2012

Junk Food=Junk Brain (pics)

Dear Readers;

  My husband and I love to take our morning chanting walk. Unfortunately what we see every day is people not respecting Mother Earth by throwing out litter. I've been taking note of what types of garbage gets tossed out. Every piece that we see tells a story.....and that story is "I'm in such a hurry...I'm starving so I'll just pick up some fried chicken...then I'll go through the drive-thru at my church of Tim Hortons....then I'll smoke a few cigarettes because I'm feeling a little nervous...while I drink my third can of beer...darn if I didn't go through that six pack to fast...luckily I stashed a bottle of wine under the seat....awww ..shut up kids drink your fruit ... Kool Aid and eat your Reeses Pieces....damn it ...SIT DOWN!!! WHY ....can't you just sit still??? Sit still or so help me God ...I'm going to stop this car and give you what for!!!;)

 Anyways get the idea. Huge corporations are selling us garbage and calling it food.

 I've never seen an organic bar wrapper or a samosa or an apple on our morning walks. So my conclusion is you are what you eat and if you eat junk food you will have a junk brain that tells you that it is just fine to throw your garbage out of the car window because at least your car is clean. You're still a good person right?.... Right?
Hare Krsna.
Kokum Lal

We are a mere shadow of our former selves:)

Smokers say,"Hey..gimme the eyeball pack!"

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