Tuesday, 27 November 2012

"Dances With Cows" (video)

Dear Readers;

Traditionally the young Indians men would stomp the grass down so that we could erect our tipis or for the arena where we perform our Pow Wows.

  I was a "Pow-wow baby"...which means that I was born 9 months after the pow-wow:) My father was an excellent dancer, so hopefully the apple does not fall far from the tree;)  I thought that we are always stomping grass at the Farm so why not add a little music to it.

I hope that you enjoy this...little bit of silliness.

Hare Krsna.
Kokum Lal


  1. Did you see the little bit of pole dancing? :)

  2. Fun. Looks like you two will never ever be bored. ;)

  3. Thanks Ra-Ra. Please share..with your friends..we just want to promote healthy living. If granny can dance down a field ...then veggies must be good for you;)