Monday, 12 November 2012

Big Thumbs Down To Round Bales(Video)

Dear Readers;

Today we had another busy day on the farm. We started out taking a long japa walk to see how the North field was doing. Most of the soya beans have been harvested except for 2 acres due to the fact that the ground was just to wet and the tractor was getting bogged down. There are 2 water springs in that area so we came up with a plan to build a pond to help consolidate the water  and incorporate a tile drain to deal with the overflow. We will talk to the bull dozer driver/pond builder to see what is or isn't possible. If we can dry out the area, we could have an extra 10 acres of arable land and a pond for wildlife. Pretty much a win win idea.

We then spent a few hours building a fence around the round hay bales because the cows need to graze that field during the winter months but we don't want them destroying the bales. Cows have a way of eating half a bale...stomping the rest into the ground....pooping on it and then they lie down on top of the mush ...look at you with their soulful eyes  and moo because they want more. Hence...the electric fence around the bales. Here is a video with a few tips on good farm gloves...and why we give round bales of hay a great big thumbs down.
Hare Krsna,
Kokum Lal


  1. ALL GLORIES TO HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C.BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI SRILA PRABHUPADA!--Really cool vidio/short-short movie about "round bales"!I grew up in the countryside in Manitoba,and I am amazed that 2-4 people can move a round bale!Even as a teen I could throw around square bales with little difficulty,but moving a round bale?By hand/back?I've have never even heard of it being attempted.Everyone is so dependent upon machines.I also loved to see your llamas--and what was that bird anyway?Some kind of wild bird that took shelter of you devotees? HARE KRSNA & JAI RADHE!

  2. Haha...the guinea fowl is named Rosemary. She was donated along with 4 others when we saved the cows from the slaughterhouse. Unfortunately she is the lone survivor..the other 4 were under the illusion that they were pterodactyls and would attack cars:(
    I'm just using my Sony cybershot camera with the movie feature but I'm hoping to sell enough soap to buy a second hand movie camera soon. Basically we have no clue what we are doing but stumbling forward hoping to serve Srila Prabhupada somehow or other.
    Where is Manitoba? I grew up in Bellegarde..southern Sask and then moved to Winnipeg when I was thirteen years old. My relatives and friends still own huge farms in Sask.
    Thank you for the encouragement:)