Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fall ...Sunny...Happy:)

Dear Readers;

  What a glorious fall day here at Govindas Farm. The sun is shining and wind:)  So today we were suppose to be selling soap in Charlottetown but the venue ran out of space. Oh year. Besides I completely forgot that I had to bake bread tomorrow. In the end all is well and I believe that what ever wealth we are suppose to have will make it's way to us in due course. No at a comfortable grateful...always remember Krsna and never...ever forget about Krsna. Surely a recipe for success.

  Gaura Nitai is cutting wood and I will be cleaning out the greenhouse. Here are a few pics of the Farm on this bright and happy day. I even spotted a dandelion on our morning walk!
Hare Krsna,
Kokum Lal
Facing South overlooking the Northumberland Straight.

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Rosehips..that we pick huge amounts of for our Vit.c winter tea.

A little shabby chicness...I thought all trees needed pink chandeliers? No?

Happy to see Rosemary drinking from the pond.

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