Wednesday, 28 November 2012

November and Craving Color!

Dear Readers;

  Well... we have had our first killer frost and all the flowers and leaves are gone for another year.

This is about the time that I start to crave color. I've noticed that most cultures are very colorful as opposed to modern day  jeans/t-shirt combo.( Here are a few pics of American Walmart people who are attempting to add color to their wardrobe.......Hey......I'm not judging..............:)

I decided to redirect myself...instead of uninspiring pictures.....I'm posting colourful pictures of items here on the farm that fall into our requirements of functional,upcycled and pretty.
Have a great day.
Hare Krsna.
Kokum Lal
Hand hooked rug featuring Expo 1967 Canadas Centennial. Yard sale $15.

Hand hooked rug bought at a yard sale for $15.

1940's salt and pepper shakers ..Fleamarket $3.

Needlepoint cushion cover $1..Yard sale

Teapot $5..Flea Market

Krsna ...Govinda...Value Village $5.

Photo: ""Kalash yatra Jodhpur""
pic by:-"Kesariya Balam Aawo Ni Padharo Mahre Desh"

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