Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sweet Poop....Are You Insane? (video)

Dear Readers;

Some time back, one of our posts explained that we were installing a compost toilet. I wasn't thrilled about the idea at the time but having never had one before and being a complete sucker for  a new adventure...I thought..Oooooo...this could be fun! Not so!

  I complained...alot.....and I was embarrassed about the entire thing...actually. Guys LOVE to talk about poop and joke about bodily functions. Girls ...not so much.

 Proof that this is a undeniable fact. Who hasn't been a victim of the "Quick...pull my finger joke?"

  I didn't like the design of the compost toilet..to square and cold looking. Truth be told.... I wanted the Swedish $10.000 model. But the reality was that we hardly had $10 dollars so home made it was!!

 We had problems with fruit flies and smell. Not good in my books so I was beginning to dislike the idea A LOT. We then had a problem with our water backing up into the compost barrel and drowning half the worms....poor things.(Taking birth as a worm in stool is very precarious...even if it is prasadam poop). While I did nothing but complain Gaura Nitai extended the air vent past the roof line so that it would pull more air through the system thus eliminating the smell. That seemed to work for awhile but in the end we installed a small fan into the venting stack and the problem was solved. We tried adding moldering leaves,hay,straw,large sawdust, and moss to the barrel but in the end we found that fine sawdust did the trick. It composted beautifully. I even tried using soft moss in the place of toilet paper. Capital B..A...D...bad...bad...bad...bad..bad...idea! Don't do it! Especially ladies! Owee! Mullein leaves...thumbs up...moss...thumbs down!The goal is to keep the compost as dry as possible. Here is a short video of the result after 6 months of the full barrel being capped off with mud. Traaaaalllllaaaaa........sweet stuff for veggies!

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