Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Whats-up today?

G heating and stretching the plastic pipe.
Yesterday G discovered that the toilet smell and flies were coming into the house due to the old system vent stack for the compost toilet. The new plumbing for the dry well that the men installed appeared to affect the draft for the toilet. The vent did not have a screen over the top so the flies were using it like an international airport terminal. Once G taped a screen over the top.... no flies:) The smell was still an issue. G did notice while he was on the roof that the vent pipe did not clear the roof line. When the wind from the south caused the vented air to blow into the house. Since the pipe we did own was too narrow we used the heating gun to melt the plastic and stretch it to fit over the already existing pipe. This is a few hours in and it appears to be helping. I'm still not happy with the quality of air so we will go ahead and install a fan that will fit right into the venting pipe. We will be able to control the fan by installing an electric switch in the basement.We aren't thrilled with this option because we would like to limit our use of electricity since our goal in the very near future is to go off of the grid completely. But for now it will have to do.
We have incredibly fresh lettuce for lunch every day that we grow in our $50 dollar lean to greenhouse.
Mint and spearmint ready to  harvest.

Lovely mixed lettuce and radishes in the greenhouse.
I am also harvesting mint and drying it on my new drying rack that G just installed over the wood stove. Since G up-cycled the wood and chain for the drying rack our only expense was $1.33 for a pack of brass hooks.                                                                                                                             We have such a large quantity of mint and spearmint that I will be  drying  for sale as wild crafted tea. The dried mint will be used for our own tea needs as well as an additive  to our "Cool Mint "soap. Simple living at it's best.                                                                                                                 Hare Krsna,
Kokum Lal.
My baby herbs and G's baby veggies

$50 greenhouse that withstood a hurricane:)

Up-cycled wood,chain and $1.33 for the hooks

New drying rack over the stove.

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