Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mob Grazing Update Video

Young oxen Baha who loves a good scratch!

Alpacas,Rosemary and Thyme Guinea Fowl and Bahir.

Baby Aruni with Mom Mukta

Getting ready for another move forward. grass! Dandelions are like candy to all the animals.

Finished pasture that won't be grazed on again for a full year.

The cows are being moved every two hours. Your life goes real quickly when it is measured in two hour intervals. You have just barely started weeding the garden when it is time to move the cows once again. G finds that since he spends so much time talking to the cows he is really connecting to them and is beginning to understand their different moos. As a mother I could tell the difference in the cries of my babies so it becomes  like that when you spend time with your cows or other animals. The herd is moved about 6 feet . The alley is about 100 ft wide. We keep a close eye on them to make sure that they have eaten the pasture and stomped all the long grasses,manure and urine into the ground.
  The men were working off  the farm on Saturday so I was left in charge of moving the herd. That calf had my number! The herd is all the way across the field from the house and when I go out I unplug the electric fence. No problem right? So I'm by myself and move the fence to let them into the new small section...just as I turn my back Aruni walks under the fence and gets her hind leg tangled up. I'm like..."Oh no...she is going to freak and get tangled up and I don't have a knife on me." I calmly drop the electric fence and patiently wait for her to walk out of  the line. She does but now the herd is eating the new section. Alright problem...I think to myself...I'll just move the line up again...ready for the next I move the line and Aruni walks under it again and gets her hind leg stuck! Once again I get her untangled and move the line forward.....then RUN like a maniac across the field...hop the fences and race to plug in the fence. I get the fence plugged in and feel pretty good about my heroic feat or heroic feet:p I take one last peek at the herd and darn if Aruni isn't out of the pasture!! I need backup! I go to the truck to get the guys ...after all they were suppose to be home hours ago. The truck doesn't start....darn,darn,darn it! Pop the hood and look around. I've seen the guys do this before...but I had no clue what they were fiddling around with in there. I figure...guys never put stuff lets see what is in the truck that they might use to fiddle around under the hood. I found a small wrench...checked the engine things to see where the wrench would fit and noticed the cables to the two batteries were off. Hooked that up and off I went...woohoo! Ty sorted out my BIG PROBLEM in half a second and said that they never have a problem. So Aruni knew that I was nervous and she was just messing with me. Who says cows aren't intelligent.      Hopefully the pictures will be able to show how well the pasture is doing. Pictures are alright but I'll try and figure out how to edit my movies.
We did notice that our pasture is much lusher than the neighbors even though the herd only grazed it once. So we can just imagine how abundant the grasses and herbs will be after a few years. Very exciting! Hare Krsna,
               Kokum Lal.

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