Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Simply Horrible Synthetic Hangover

My recommendation to anyone who is changing their lifestyle to a more simple one,is to do so gradually!. Know what you require so that you don't feel deprived and freak-out like I did last year. You see...last year I wasn't very kind to myself. I was under the illusion that I could handle moving to a new Province, living in an ancient Victorian house(1842) where, not ONE thing worked. The property had tons of garbage piled every where. Instead of electric heating we invested in a great wood stove  but that also meant lots of wood chips everywhere..no insulation in the walls so it was cold and we were in the midst of surviving the snowiest winter in years. Oh! and ZERO income because all our funds were locked up in other properties(in Panama). Plus I had injured my back so moving was incredibly painful. A smart woman would have thought, "Yup...I've got enough on my plate!" Not me ...I decide that I really love http://www.rebeccarburgess.com/fibershed. Rebecca is into textiles and she decided to only wear what was grown and made within 100 mile radius of her home. I wanted to do that as well. I don't like synthetics at all and try my best to purge plastic from my home and immediate surroundings. All of my clothes are made of a natural material...such as wool, silk, cotton or bamboo.

One morning I woke up in a bad mood. That bad mood just kept getting worse and worse until I just wasn't talking to anyone in the house. I didn't want to eat , I was just miserable. My poor husband said something ..probably quite benign...but I FREAKED out grabbed the truck keys...our limited amount of cash and credit cards... cranked the country music and drove like a demon possessed wild woman to Walmart, . By this time I had given myself  a massive headache from crying like a baby so I did the worst thing imaginable...I bought a Coca Cola....my thumbs down to the world! Of course my madness didn't stop there ....I went to the housewares department and found the furriest...cheapest...tackiest...red synthetic  rug for $30 and bought it! How low could I have fallen!!! I went home  tossed that red rug onto my dressing room floor and happily wiggled my bare toes around the static charged synthetic fibers. I then went to bed.
 The next morning I woke up to see this red thing on my floor and felt terrible....sick...guilty. What was I thinking....this rug was everything that I loathed on a sane day. Coca Cola??? I despise them for what they do to the world. Ahhhhh...I had a synthetic hangover!
The moral of this story is to just chill out! Find yourself a little hide out..a quiet spot to retreat to..keep the goal in mind... but honestly, half the fun is the journey and not the destination.
Is this story true? Mostly....but I'm not telling which bits are and which bits aren't;)
"All's  well that ends well."                                                                          
 Hare Krsna,
Kokum Lal.

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