Monday, 14 May 2012

Humane Mouse trap:)

The house here at Govindas Farm is nearly 150 years old and has no insulation in the walls at all. This presents a problem of making the interior difficult to heat in the winter months and hollow walls make a fantastic protected super highway for our local population of deer mice. Deer mice have very cute features big ears, big eyes and are tan coloured with white bellies. These cuties are also very athletic! Perhaps that is why they are called deer mice because they can leap out of a 5 gallon bucket as easily as a deer can hop a garden fence to nibble on your organic veggies. Gaura Nitai and I have actually witnessed the mouse run around the wall of the plastic pail so fast that it works it way up the side and then just runs out of the opening. We don't like to cause injury to the mice but neither do I want then running through my hair in the middle of the night. After many failed attempts to catch  them  we found that this nickel and jar worked very well.You will need,                                            
                    1-wide mouth glass jar
                    2-1/2 teaspoon of peanut butter
                    3-1 nickel..5 cent piece

Place the blob of peanut butter on the wall of the jar near the bottom. Turn the jar upside down and balance the jar (the side with the peanut butter blob) on a nickel. The peanut butter loving mouse will enter the jar and when he jumps up to lick the peanut butter his weight will cause the nickel to fall. Voila! You now have your slightly unhappy mouse. He will be fine until morning. The next morning we take him on our 5 mile japa walk and let him go in the woods as far away from the house as possible because they have a built in GPS. I'm thinking about putting a paint mark on our catch and release mice to see if they are the same mouse just doing a little tour and then coming home again. It always reminds me of the Flintstone cartoons I used to watch as a child...the beginning of the cartoon when Fred Flintstone puts his saber tooth tiger outside for the night. The tiger runs around the house ..jumps in the window..and as Fred is busy placing the stone milk jugs outside the front door the tiger locks him out! Anyways let me know if this little trick helps to keep your ashrams furry critter free.
Hare Krsna, Kokum Lal

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