Saturday, 12 May 2012


Spring has sprung.........finally! It's been so cold here at Govinda's Farm. The leaves on the trees are just beginning to peek out. The good news is...the dandelions are in bloom!!! So many people are of the opinion that dandelions are just an obnoxious enemy...something to war against...a despoiler of the front lawn. Not here at Govinda's Farm....we LOVE dandelions..the cows love dandelions and the alpacas love dandelions. Why? You may be wondering.....because dandelions are just so darn nutritious. All winter long most of us have been in hibernation mode and eating "comfort" food. Food that is high in calories and fat. This is turn makes our blood thick and our livers get sluggish. Basically our innards need a good spring cleanse..and dandelions due to their bitterness and high nutrient content does the job beautifully. I found this great explanation online.
Traditionally, dandelion leaves are eaten as a spring tonic, to gently cleanse the body with the change of seasons, but they are also edible in summer and fall.
Eating dandelion supports the liver and kidneys, which are burdened by the breakdown of cells as the warmer weather thins our blood and mucus. Dandelion tastes mildest before it flowers, but the greens may be eaten throughout the growing season, for the high concentration of calcium, potassium, iron, Vitamin A, and other nutrients, the vitality inherent in uncultivated plants, and the joy of being able to eat one’s lawn.
People troubled with digestion may find it helpful to eat a few dandelion leaves--the fresher the better--about 20 minutes before eating. The bitter taste, largely absent from the American diet (except for coffee and beer), will stimulate secretion of digestive enzymes, making the meal easier to digest. Those who haven’t yet acquired a taste for healthful bitterness can rip the leaves into small pieces, and they’ll blend right into salad or soup. Simmering the leaves in a little water for ten to fifteen minutes reduces the bitterness, and application of a dressing (try oil, vinegar, and soy sauce) further enhances the flavor. (If possible, drink the cooking water so you won’t lose the priceless nutrients.)

There you have it folks...go pick some dandelions from your front lawn...wash them nicely. I soak mine in the sink with a half cup of vinegar. Put in blender with 4 cups of water. Buzz that up for a few minutes and voila! Chug...chug. Then do that again a couple more times a day. After a'll feel lighter...healthier and you won't be able to stop smiling at everyone you meet. Of course your neighbors will think that you are completely nuts when they see you picking dandelions to eat but give them the line I use from Alice In Wonderland. Alice- Father? Am I mad? Father replied,"All the best people are."  Hare Krsna,Kokum (Cree for Grandmother) Lal

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