Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bread Account Cancelled! :o

A big reality of choosing to live on a farm is income. How to make enough to finance the project but not only that how to make money between the two hour intervals that we have  moving the cows through the pasture. You see our biggest reason for being here is to protect the cows and in order to protect the cows we are experimenting with mob grazing. Most people view cows as food. We want to change their vision. We want the masses to see cows as incredible soil makers...more valuable alive than dead. Mob grazing requires us to keep our small herd of 5 cows/bull/oxen,3 alpacas and 2 guinea fowl moving every 2 hours....which makes around 8 moves a day. So we need to be on the farm and yet make money at the same time. How do we accomplish that?
Gaura Nitai and I have always been involved with real estate to some degree or other so we are accustomed to making large chunks of money. Gaura Nitai has worked hard to bring in the money to take care of his families needs and although I studied business many years back I've basically  been a domestic goddess for the past 8 years. We decided that we are good at a few things and baking bread is one of our talents. G got a bread account  with the Buddhist Monks who live next door. I'm not a foodie or a prasadamarian...I eat to live(although I must admit sometimes I "live" a little bit to much)...so cooking isn't high on my list of fun things to do.. that is G's thing. I on the other hand I love to make lotions and potions.....green witch comes to mind;) I've grown a cottage garden full of herbs in the past so I wanted to do more of that.So right now we have two micro businesses on the go....Whole wheat bread baked in our wood burning Pioneer Princess stove and soap/beauty products. Bread in the morning twice a week and soap making in the evening 3 or 4 times a week.
Since last year we have been happily increasing our bread sales to the Monks.....yesterday they canceled the account due to financial difficulties:( This has freaked us out!!! Now what do we do? Our micro soap business isn't up and running yet.....it's still....well....micro mini. We'll see what happens today. Hare Krsna, Kokum Lal