Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Indoor Pictures

Dear Readers;

We have been waiting for the Hurricane to hit. I thought that last night would be kind of rough but all was fine.
Today Gaura Nitai finished filling in the floor of the barn with the piles of soil that have been waiting to find their final resting place. I`ve been waiting for him to come in so that we can get on with making soap. We have a 3 day show this weekend. So I`m basically puttering around waiting to get going. I did stop at the Nearly New shop in Montague and found a few treasures but this silver water pitcher was a find for $5. I also finished painting the hallway bookshelf and altar. I found that the dark wood was making the hallway a bit depressing so the mauve brightened up the spot. Gaura Nitai also changed the energy efficient lights to a daylight bulb instead of the yellow tinged ones. It makes a world of difference.
My next door neighbor asked me if I wanted a sickly elephant plant and I agreed. She struggled through the door with it and it is a beautiful jade plant! Not sickly at all. Here are a few pics for today.
 Hare Krsna,
Kokum Lal
Painted front door

Upcycled lavender paint that I created with donated bits of paint

My little altar for now until the renovation is over then the deities with reappear:)

Spray painted silvery gold feet.

Beautiful Jade plant!

Repainted frame on my Krsna picture rendered with markers.

$5 dollar water jug find:)

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