Monday, 29 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy Smackdown?

Dear Readers;

Last year around this time our local poet and writer Les stopped by and told us local stories about how the PEI mosquitoes where so tenacious that they actually wore teeny tiny mittens in October. I believe that he was right because after my morning japa walk I'm applying vinegar to the bites on the bits of exposed skin on my hands that were not covered by my japa bag or hiding in the pocket of my winter coat.

Mitts the mosquitoes may have  but we will have to see if they also have raincoats and snow shovels  in their wardrobe or garden sheds because we are expecting to be sideswiped by Hurricane Sandy tomorrow morning. In preparation Gaura Nitai is finishing the cap on the roof of the house. Then he is "up to there" with roofing for this year. We also have 8 cords of hardwood being delivered today. We heat and cook using our wood burning stove so that won't be a problem and we have also have supplies of food. If the electricity goes out then we do have a generator to pump water for the cows. We will have to make certain that the barn door closes because a large load of soil was deposited in front of the door but was never moved into the barn to elevate the floor level. That is a priority for today.

The winds are starting to slap the plastic of the greenhouse so I'll take that as a sign to change into my working togs and get out there.

Hopefully for the cows sake we will only experience a little wind and rain. Who knows though mother nature is not to be messed with and karma wise we are due  a good lickin'.

Stay dry and happy.
Hare Krsna,
Kokum Lal


  1. I like the fashion statement from Dad's working outfit! hahahaha very much a real look into the two of you :)

  2. Hey Gord, I've seen that fashion statement many a time before..hard to believe we met in the land of towels...
    Love to you both!

  3. Thanks for checking out the farm fashion show:)