Thursday, 18 October 2012

So Much To Share!!! Pictures ...Pictures and More Pictures

Dear Friends;

  We have had such a busy summer with WWOOFERS and visits from relatives that I'm kind of backlogged in all the things that I want to share with you.
My mom, Madeleine. Sept. 2012

My mom Madeleine and my cousin Jocelyn...just playing at the lighthouse near our farm. Sept.2012

Our new mouser Min-Min.
I would first like to thank our volunteers who helped keep the gardens weed free and happy. I thank-you...Gaura Nitai thanks you and of course the veggies thank you. Due to everyones hard work we are still enjoying a huge bounty of broccoli,chard,carrots,cauliflower,beets,tomatoes,potatoes and scads of herbs for seasoning and tea.

  We also had a fabulous summer selling our homemade soap at the markets and to local stores.

Thank you everyone for supporting the cow saving program by buying our soap and body products.

  Every summer we like to take our family pictures and usually we decide on a color scheme so that the picture looks co-ordinated. Unfortunately this year once again some family members were missing. We thought that we could just photo shop the missing members in but it did not work out last year so I thought that maybe we could just dress up into how we want to be seen as  individuals. Besides family isn't just about our blood relatives but about all those people who are so kind to share part of their lives with us. In the pictures we have dancers, entertainers, warriors, teachers, graduates, funky accountants and cute babies. I think that it worked out quite well.

 I had mentioned to our Buddhist neighbours who have a save the animal program and farm if and when they found a vicious cat to let me know. I put the emphasis on VICIOUS because I wanted a mouser for keeping the mouse population down outside the house. I don't like having animals in the house so the cat that I wanted would need to be fiercely independent and maybe even have fur missing and a couple tattoos.

A few days later Andrew called me stating that they were given a "wild, mean" cat. Great I told him please bring it over. Within minutes three people arrived at the door wrestling a cat person holding the hind legs and the others holding other various bits and pieces. They told me that they would let it go in the house and I said , I think not. Then they told me that I would need a cage for the cat but instead I just told them to let it go in the porch. They looked at me and Gaura Nitai and reluctantly let go of the little beast. I was holding my breath expecting the cat to start tearing around the wall and clawing us to death as it tried to eat it's way though the door. Instead the cat calmly let our a happy purrrrrr...gave Gaura Nitai a lick and went to sleep in the corner. 

  We are taking a little breather until next weekend when we will be attending a 3 day sale in Charlottetown at the Civic Center. Oct. 26,27 and 28.

  We also found someone to work on our Website so that we can get the soap out to our many customers who have become soap addicts:) I'll let you know when that happens.

  We had a simply wonderful and busy summer.
Hare Krsna,
Kokum Lal
Our daughter Sita.Aug.2012

Sita and fiancee Gord. Aug.2012

Granddaughter Laxmi showing us her moves.Aug.2012

Granddaughter Jaimie being a Rock Star. Aug.2012

Daughter Gaura-Gopala Devi Dasi finally graduated.Aug.2012

WWOOFER Reataka Aug. 2012

Gaura's hubby Shannin. Just being himself:) Aug.2012

Our grandson Maitreya lathering up with our soap.Aug.2012

G.G, and the cows. Aug 2012

Shannin, baby Maitreya and Pita the cute bull. Aug 2012

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