Thursday, 18 October 2012

Please Come Down!

Dear Readers;

Farmers from the past would find that buying food at the store or asking someone to do your roof for you absolutely laughable. Since money was difficult to come by they grew,built,fixed or did without. Here at Govindas' Farm we live on the proceeds of our fledgling soap making business. Sad as it is we had to do without the roofing company coming to replace our shingles. We borrowed the scaffolding, bought the singles and went about getting the job done on a dime.
Here is a short video of my husband up on the very steeply pitched roof replacing the shingles all by himself. I did try to help but I was absolutely useless. Fortunately in his own sweet Scottish way he confirmed that I was useless and my endless complaining got me sent down...thankfully:)
Mind you ....I did help put the scaffolding up and took it down which did take some acrobatic moves on my part.
 In fact I did gird my loins and do the the end.
Sometimes we are afraid but we must simply get over it.
Hare Krsna,
Kokum Lal

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