Monday, 29 July 2013

Market Day and Magic Mouthwash

Dear Readers;

 What a great day at the Farmers Market yesterday. We sold tons of soap! Although rain threatened to dampen our didn't happen. The shoppers were happy to be out and about.

We really get a kick out of customers who bought our soap last year and who are super excited to come and find us to have a smell-o-rama! Of course they then buy bags and bags of various soaps:)

 Since the loaves of soap are hand cut they can be a little wonky but some are a little small so I sell those ones four for ten dollars and here is my little basket with my hand stitched banner.

 My daughter Lalana and I did nip away to do some errands... leaving Gord and Ty to manage the stall. We both love to search for treasures at the Cornwall Flea Market. She found a Bruce Lee poster for her husband Ty and I found a vintage silver ladle and a glass jar.

  You would think that finding a gallon glass jar would be as easy as falling off a log. Not so!!! They are becoming as rare as hens teeth. I saw this pickle jar at the Flea Market over a month ago and the guy tried to sell it to me for six dollars! This time I asked him how much and he told me...eight dollars....because it's tourist season and besides he was going home to make pickles:) After much back and forth dickering....we settled at four dollars but only because I really.....really needed it for the gallons and gallons of milk that we hand milk morning and night.

 The apron in the back ground was hand stitched by Ruths mother at Serendipity in Montague. Although aprons have fallen out of fashion I personally love wearing them. When I put my apron on..that's a signal to myself that I'm ready for work!
 Another fun thing that Natha did this week was show us how to make Aloe Vera Mouth wash. He said that his recipe stops cavities in it's tracks!

 Today is my day I am heading up to my room to do some light reading and to pluck my goodness..I've been so busy...I'm starting to look like a bushman:) Until next time.

Hare Krsna,
Kokum Lal

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