Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Cape Breton Here We Come!

Dear Readers;

 Now that Sachi is being milked only once a day,Gord,Natha and I decided to take a one day trip to drive the worlds' eighth best drive in the world.....The Famous Cabot Trail of Cape Breton!

 Going on a trip with Gord and I is usually an adventure because Gord has "Directional Dyslexia" and I can't read a map worth a damn. When we drove the PanAmerican Highway through Central America...I had managed to miss EVERY circle road around a city and got us stuck in the market places where there was only room for bikes and donkeys. Well.....not to disappoint anyone and ruin my perfect record..... I managed to get us lost ...twice on this trip:)

 We were up bright and early...which is not new for Natha because he is usually up doing his meditation at two thirty a.m. but Gord and I were showered..changed...lunch tea made...fresh milk in a thermos and out the door for six a.m. We made it to the Wood Island Ferry in seven minutes flat from our door!

 There weren't very many cars or people on the Ferry at that time so it felt like having our very own private ride across the Northumberland Strait. The ride was a mere 70 minutes and I caught this shot of the sunrise.

 The day was perfect from beginning to the end. We made it back to the Cariboo Ferry for the six ten sailing...just on time to milk our cow:)

 I hope that you will enjoy the pictures and if you get a chance please drive the Cabot is so worth your while. I tend to be a bit jaded.... consequently I'm not so easily impressed...but this ride....I would do it again...but next time I am taking my hiking shoes to walk some of the trails!

  I missed taking a shot of a sign that read....."IF IT'S NOT SCOTTISH IT'S CRRRRRAP! Many signs on the trail are in Gaelic and the Island even boasts a Gaelic School where the Scots from Scotland come to learn their own language.

We made it back to the Cariboo Ferry for the six ten sailing and arrived home just on time to milk our cow ...Sachi.:)

 Take care...
Hare Krsna.

Causeway to Cape Breton

Doing the tourist thing......Gord hates doing the "tourist thing".

Natha loves "The Tourist Thing" and he's  taking a picture of me while I take one of him:)

Our first of many ..."OH!...AHHHH!...WOW!...LOOK AT THAT!!!" ..moments.

I'm happy...really:)

Our trusty VW..that barely used any diesel.

Love this shot!

I am definitely going back to swim at this beach.

This little waterfall joins my favorite beach...pretty cool....

A picture really does not do justice to the intense fall colors.

So many people were out and about enjoying the perfect fall weather.

Awwww...coming to the end of The Cabot Trail.

Boo...back on the Ferry at Cariboo, Nova Scotia.

Natha dasa quietly contemplating....

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