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Homa Organic Farming

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 We know that the cow is so very valuable and not only for her milk,cream,butter,yogurt and ghee but her dung and urine as well. Here is an article from

Srila Prabhupada writes: The human society should recognize the importance of the cow and the bull and thus give all protection to these important animals. 
In Vedic tradition, cows are worshipped as mothers. It is because just as one sucks the breast of one’s mother, human society takes cow’s milk. Similarly, the bull is the father of human society because just as the father earns for the children the bull tills the ground to produce food grains. Human society will kill its spirit of life by killing the cows and bulls which are to be considered our mother and father. To kill cows means to end human civilization. 
A civilized man is, therefore, expected to give all protection to the bulls and cows. But in the modern society, spiritual knowledge is neglected, and cow killing is encouraged. According to Vedas, cow slaughter is considered to be an act of the grossest type of ignorance. In Rig Veda (9.46.4) the words gobhih prinita matsaram indicate that one who, being fully satisfied by milk is desirous of killing the cow is in the grossest ignorance. In Vishnu Purana, the Lord is glorified as go-brahmana hitaya ca: the well-wisher of the cows and the brahmanas. 
Srila Prabhupada explains: For the cowherd men and the cows, Krishna is the supreme friend.  Therefore He is worshipped by the prayer go-brahmana-hitaya ca. His first business is to give all comfort to the cows and the brahmanas.  In fact, comfort for the brahmanas is secondary, and the comfort for the cows is His first concern. 
Brhat Parasara Samhita states: Whoever feeds the cow with grass and water every day derives the benefit equivalent to performing ashwamedha sacrifice. It is also said in the Vedas that all demigods has their abode in the cow. By drinking the milk of the cow one develops fine brain tissues to better understand spiritual science. Also, from milk we can prepare hundreds of nutritious food. Milk can be transformed into yogurt, curd, butter, ghee and by combining these milk products with grains hundreds of different preparations can be made. Cow dung contains all antiseptic properties and is considered a purifying agent. A person can keep stacks of cow dung in one place, and it will not create a bad odor to disturb anyone. The cow urine and cow dung are used even for bathing the deities. The five important products received from cow, namely milk, yogurt, ghee, cow dung and cow ghee (called pancha-gavya) are required in all ritualistic ceremonies performed according to Vedic directions.

Three weeks back someone posted a Youtube video on Homa Farming on Facebook. Gord and I watched this video and we were inspired to  do this Agni Hotra at sunrise and sunset.  I perform the morning Agni Hotra and Gaura Nitai performs the evening Agni Hotra.

We noticed the change in the calves almost immediately. The calves have become so happy by the increase in purified energy that they run around and around ...playing with each other.  I'm sure that they are smiling and they have become even more affectionate towards us and each other.

 The ashes are collected in a jar and we will use them in the fields when spring comes.
I make the cow dung into strips so that they dry quickly. 
Until next time.
Hare Krsna.

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