Sunday, 10 July 2011

Attack of the horseflies!

Hoards of blood sucking demon horse flies abound in these parts. They flood in droves from the forests like orcs and goblins out of the gates of Mordor. Thus we have resorted to taking up arms, in self-defense, against these ghastly flying demons. The first solution to this emergent crisis is the state of the art contraption you see below. 

Fly Trapper-Zapper Mark I
We don't take credit for the design, just the construction. It is commonly available as the 'Horse Pal'. The main difference is price. Theirs costs $265 while ours cost us about $0.25.

The fly death chamber gets up-cycled from it's previous status as a peanut butter container.
It works by mimicking the movement of a warm blooded animal. The black exterior mimics the body and the black milk jug hanging below mimics the head movement of an animal. The flies are attracted to the swinging 'head' of the animal. When they realize they've been had, they instinctively fly for the sky, i.e. straight up into the trap. Eventually they make their way up the cone into the peanut butter/death container where the sun zaps them. We are peaceful folks, but when you mess with our animals, you're messin' with family, and we are gonna mess back.  Flies - leave us in peace please!

Next year we're are calling in the swallows for aerial support by building many garrisons bird houses around our property. We WILL be ready.

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