Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lal's Marsh

     Below is the proposed site for Lal's Marsh created by a project developer from Ducks Unlimited. The marsh would increase the bird habitat on the property and help to drain the fields. 

Proposal for the marsh. 
     Last week we were taken on a tour of the bog by Jonathan from Ducks Unlimited. 

Gord scampers through the undulating squishy bog. Lal wasn't so sure this was a prudent action. 

The bog is quite lovely once you get into it.  
     A bog is basically a pond covered by a surface layer of moss and hydrophilic grasses and shrubs. It feels like walking on a water bed. Jonathan demonstrated the structure of the bog as we watched with growing concern. "Sometimes there's no bottom" he exclaimed non-chalantly as he plunged his leg into the sludgy abyss.

This is the proposed site for the marsh. The trees in the centre will become an island for duck nesting.
     This proposed site for the pond and bird habitat is next to the bog. We can't build it too close to the bog due to environmental regulations. Bogs are best left alone anyways as they serve more a more important purpose as a natural water filter.

The type of grass indicates the hydrological properties of the ground. Here sedge grasses indicate a high water table; perhaps a small spring flows from here.

    We hope that this marsh will attract and harbour bird and amphibian species.  This is part of our longer term goal to increase the vitality and biodiversity of this land. We believe that healthy land leads to healthy people and communities.

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